Corporation details - HIgh Sec Care Bears [HISCB]
Alliance: Brothers of Tangra CEO:
Kills: 1714 HQ:
Losses: 36 Members: 751
ISK destroyed: 2,031.76B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 34.17B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 98.35% Website:
Recruiting new members for our corporation, whom have, or want experience in NULL Sec, making Dank Isk. This is NOT a PVP required coporation and there are no CTA's. Just the opportunity for you to make dank isk, and enjoy PVE, Null style. PVP is apart of daily life though and is encouraged, especially for home defense fleets or simply the fun of roaming about and dunking hostiles.

Our Infrastructure is established in a stable area of Null sec,
Malpais and we have access to the best ratting and mining areas around.

We have established JF routes and JF services from our space out to Jita.

Capital Pilots preffered, but not required.
Stop by and chat with a recruiter in HISCB PUB if you have any questions and to see details about our recruitment process.
Brianna Elizabeth Co-CEO, Chief Diplomat
Adam Hilanen Co-CEO
Nonafel Co-CEO
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