RAdm. Potato Rain
Pilot Details
Rear Admiral UH
Corporation: Lazy Eyes Security Systems
Alliance: None
Kills: 138
Real kills: 102
Losses: 65
Damage done (ISK): 12.68B
Damage received (ISK): 3.67B
Enemy survival: 38.92% - Try harder.
Pilot Efficiency (ISK): 77.55% - Survival of the fittest.
Medal Box
Expert Drone Operator
Expert Electronic Warfare Operator
Expert Hybrid Turret Gunner
Veteran Missile Launcher Operator
Rear Admiral UH Rear Admiral UH
Abbreviation: RAdm.
Base RP Bonus RP Malus RP Total RP
144 425 0 569
RAdm. Progression VAdm.

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Total points
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